Below is a compiled list of 10 amazing plugins we enjoy using daily for mangling our audio. This list will focus on plugins that can transform a sound into something completely different.

Create great pads, spells, charge-ups, whooshes, and digital noise, or destroy the audio.

Full Amazing Plugin List

  1. Crystalizer
  2. Pocket Dimension
  3. Portal
  4. Sound Shifter
  5. Xeno Verb
  6. Dust
  7. Concept 2
  8. Digitalis
  9. Morph
  10. Whoosh

Crystallizer by Soundtoys

Crystalizer Sound Toys Plugin

Crystallizer is a granular echo synthesizer that adds pitch-shifted echoes in reverse or forward. This plugin is a favorite for designing spell sounds as you can achieve some crazy effects. The plugin’s price is around $150.

Price: $150 – LINK

Pocket Dimension by Freakshow Industries

Video by Freakshow Industries
Pocket Dimension Plugin Sound Design

Freakshow Industries makes plugins you never knew you needed until you have tried them out. The plugin is $30, or you can use the steal button, but we recommend supporting the company if you can.

Price: $30 (Free if you hit the steal button) – LINK

Portal by Output

Video by Output

Portal is a granular effects plugin that can take ordinary sounds and make them into something unique. The plugin contains over 200 presets and plenty of knobs and effects to play around, and experiment with. Portal is great for designing pads, sci-fi sounds, and making synths and vocals sound bigger.

Price: $150 dollars – LINK

There is also a rent-to-own option if you use Splice. Price: 9.99 / month – LINK

Sound Shifter by Waves

Waves Sound Shifter Plugin

Sound Shifter is a nice pitch-shifting plugin that sounds fantastic. Great for riser sounds in music or charging up sound effects in posts. Unfortunately, this plugin’s parametric and graphic modes are only available using the audio suite in Pro Tools.

Price: $150 (If this is the price then wait for a sale) – LINK

Price during the sale: $30

Xeno Verb by Audiority

Xeno Verb Creative Reverb Plugin For Sound Design

Xenoverb is a creative reverb plugin with 11 different algorithms. The plugin has Room, Room B, Hall, Plate 1, Plate 2, Spring, Glass, Flow, Shimmer, Bode, and Formant, and contains plenty of presets. Xenoverb was one of the first third-party reverb plugins I purchased and has a lot of options for sound design, including plenty of great presets.

Price: $45 – LINK

Dust by Sound Morph

Video by SoundMorph

Dust is a particle-generating plugin. Each particle is created from a given sound source and you can control the motion and other parameters to create unique sounds never heard before. It’s a bit pricey but definitely worth it.

Price: $150 – LINK

Concept 2 by Krotos

Krotos Concept 2 Sound Effects

Concept 2 is a simple-to-use synth plugin by Krotos. The plugin allows you to drag in field recordings and instrument samples into the granular oscillator and play the sound back in sliced-up segments or use the built-in synth. Concept has simple-to-use modulation tools that give you complete control over the sound.

We use this plugin a lot to quickly create interesting sound effects. You can view our post on “Creating Sound Effects Using Concept 2 Here” if that interests you.

Price: $150 – LINK

Aberrant DSP’s Digitalis

Aberrant DSP’s Digitalis

Digitalis is a multi-effect plugin that’s great for destroying your audio files. Make your files crushed, distorted, glitchy, and old. The plugin also has plenty of additional effects to mess around with.

Price: $30 – LINK

Morph by Zynaptiq

Morph by Zynaptiq

Morph is an older plugin, but still one of my favorites as you can morph two separate sound sources together to create a unique sound. Ever wonder what a guitar might sound like if merged with a pig squeal? If your answer was yes then this is the plugin for you.

Price: $160 – LINK

Whoosh by Tonsturm

Video by Tonsturm

Whoosh is a Reaktor instrument that makes it easy to create powerful and creative whoosh and pass-by sound effects. You can drag and drop your own samples into the instrument allowing you to get some impressive results.

Price: $99 – LINK

Thank you for reading!

At Audio Smithy we love new plugins and gear, but don’t let the lack of plugins stop you from producing great sound design or music. Working in the box is still our favorite way to learn as limitations can help you become more technical and creative.

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Feel free to leave a comment below letting us know your favorite plugins for sound design.

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