As the need to meet shorter deadlines becomes increasingly demanded in the audio industry, finding tools to improve your workflow becomes useful. We will explore using the plugin Concept 2 as a tool for creating sound effects quickly. 

Concept 2 is a simple-to-use instrument plugin by the company Krotos (creator of Dehumanizer and Reformer Pro). The granular oscillator is one of our favorite features of the plugin for creating sound effects. You can drag a sound file into the granular oscillator and playback the sound in sliced-up segments which can give interesting results.  

In this post, we will explore some sounds you can create using only concept 2 and some field recordings. 

Krotos Concept 2 Sound Effects

Cinematic Creaking Sound Effects

Creaking sound effects are great for adding tension to the scene without needing music. Creaking works well in old buildings, haunted houses, ships, layered with foley movements and door sound effects. 

For the creaky building preset I created in Concept 2 I dragged in two creaking sounds from our free sound library.

By adjusting the available parameters, the sounds will playback at random places creating random instances of sounds. I also threw on a reverb effect to give a sense of space. 

Concept 2 Audio Smithy Sound Effects
Concept 2 Audio Smithy Sound Effects

Ominous Dolphins

Below is an ominous dolphin soundscape created by loading in metal squeaking sounds and a sustained Aztec death whistle sound.


The sound of the rats was created with the same metal squeaks as the dolphins but pitched down with an added guts and blood layer.


The fire sound was created by dragging in a denim rustling sound effect and the sound of footsteps walking on sticks.

Blood and Guts

Try throwing in some slimy and crunchy sounds and get this gross digging sound effect.

The sky is the limit to what you can create with some creative thinking and experimentation. I hope you found this article useful and that you try concept 2 for yourself.

(If you are interested in receiving some free sound effects you can put your information in the box below to receive a free sound library. You can also browse more free libraries we release by following the link here:

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