Should you study audio production at college? College is expensive. The price goes up year after year and people find themselves asking if it is worth going.


Audio Production Curriculum and structure

Teachers and faculty designed the coursework, which means you may be exposed to things you wouldn’t have considered previously. This may put you in a new direction.

For some people, learning on their own can be difficult, but when the course structure is already set, the student may find it easier to stay focused on one thing at a time rather than getting lost on the internet.

Networking, clubs, and events

The opportunity to join clubs and participate in events is another big highlight of college. Students may be able to gain experience while still in school.


While not 100% necessary for getting a career in the arts, a degree can give you an advantage. A degree shows you were willing to spend money and time studying a particular field; getting a degree can be considered an achievement. Jobs may also offer internships to recent graduates or start an individual off at a higher paycheck.

Job assistance

Job assistance can help you with your resume, prepare you for interviews, or send your resume to a potential employer. Some schools also will have open interviews on-site with can be beneficial to the student.



School is costly and can leave you in a mountain of debt. The employment rate is low if studying audio for visual media or music. This means it may take a very long time to find employment, and having that debt weigh you down can cause setbacks in your life. People can also change their minds about the career they choose which can make you feel like you wasted time and money.


If you are unsure about studying audio at university then take some time to get sure first. You can take classes at a community college or do an online course, but make sure you understand the pros and cons of going. Despite the price, schooling is an option everyone should explore, and can provide more than just an education.

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Extra Resources

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Udemy: Offers cheap courses. This is a resource we use very often.

EdX: a mostly free education website with a great selection of courses.

School of Game Audio: This course is for game audio implementation. I personally took this course a while back and enjoyed it quite a bit.

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