The House Is Alive Horror Sound Effects Library

Our free sound effects library The House is Alive is available for download. The library contains a variety of creaks, squeaks, moans, groans, and other useful sound effects for your projects. This is a raw source sound library, so the sounds have little to no processing and are great for doing additional design work.

These sounds are great for scattering around a scene or location to create an immersive soundscape. Design haunted houses, pirate ships, old warehouses, and haunting atmospheres.

Soundly Sound Effects

Each file is at least 96k / 24-bit or higher, contains meta-data, and is named following the UCS naming convention.  Each file has multiple takes making this a good library for video game developers or sound designers who need variations.

Soundly Sound Effects Variations

This library will have updates and add-ons in the future that will be 100% free. You are welcome to comment on this page or send us a message about sounds or improvements you may like to see in a future update.   

Compatible Software

All sound files in “The House Is Alive” are WAV files. They should work in any DAW, Video Editor, Middleware, and Game Engine.

Examples: Pro Tools, Reaper, Cubase, Nuendo, Ableton, Logic, Davinci, Premiere Pro, Final Cut, Media Composer, Audiokinetic Wwise, Fmod, Unity, Unreal Engine, Etc…

Here is a short preview of the library:

Microphones Used

Sanken CSS5, Sennheiser 8090, Sennheiser 416, Sennheiser Ambeo (Stereo Only), LOM Usi Pros, LOM Geophone, Aquarian H2A Hydrophone

Recorders Used

Zoom F3, Sony PCM M10, Sound Device 702t, Sound Devices Mix Pre 6

Software Used

Reaper (Editing and Naming), Izotope RX7 (De-Noising), Soundly (Meta-Data), Sound Q (Meta-Data)

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