Zoom F3 Review. Why We Love it.

Almost perfect! These two words describe this little recorder. The Zoom F3 is the first Zoom product I had personally purchased since the original Zoom H4n. The recorder is small and can fit pretty much anywhere.

After using it for around a month we thought we would make a post about it. We will discuss some of the pros and cons, and listen to some audio example.

The Zoom F3 is Easy to Travel with

Carrying around gear from location to location can feel messy. Whether you are recording sound effects, podcasting, wedding videos, or interviews the Zoom F3 takes up little bag space. 


I was skeptical about using 32-bit but I have since changed my mind. The recorder keeps your mind at ease when you cant be near your recorder which I have found to be useful for ambiences. 

While Its a good idea to always be near your gear, It’s not always possible when you are doing a long take. 

Startup Speed

Nothing is worse than missing a sound because your recorder takes too long to start up.

The Zoom F3 starts up very fast. 

Zoom F3 Starting Up

Sound Quality

The sound quality is very good. Sound designers and audio professionals have been using the Zoom F series stuff for a long time and achieving professional results. These days it’s less about the price of the gear since everything that comes out is exceptionally good.

Below is a few test recordings for you. There is no processing or noise reduction in the recordings.


Here is a brief list of cons.

– Only does 32-bit.
– Bluetooth adapter is sold separately. (not a huge deal it was only $40. But it would be nice if it was included)
– No mid-side headphone monitoring. 



The Zoom F3 is a great addition for anyone trying to capture professional audio on a budget or reduce the amount of gear they are carrying around. At $350 It’s a price point that is truly hard to beat. This is a great addition to any sound guy’s arsenal. 

(If you are interested in receiving some free sound effects you can put your information in the box below to receive a free sound library. You can also browse more free libraries we release by following the link here: https://audiosmithylibraries.gumroad.com/)

Addition Resources

Addition Resources

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